Toddlers love games, bouncing around and anything with actions and sounds. Music is a fantastic way to engage them in learning without them knowing it! Any shared activity you do with your child will enhance their development and knowledge of the world. Music is a wonderful way to help your child develop inner confidence, fine motor skills and life experience through sounds, expressions, movement and play. Something you can share with them at home, in the car, at bedtime, anytime.

Activities in sessions will include singing, using visual aids to engage and interact, learning about and playing musical instruments, stories & language, numbers, action songs & games. Each half-term we will follow a theme, developing it over the 6 weeks and revisiting songs & rhymes regularly as repetition is key to learning for children of this age.

There will be an opportunity at the end of every session for a chat and a chance to get to know each other and your children.

Younger babies are welcome to join their older siblings in our Toddler Music for a reduced fee. There is also a discount for similar aged siblings. There aren’t many activities young families can access together, hopefully this will become one of your favourites.